Fortnite Beginner’s Guide: Tips and tricks that will lead you to victory

Fortnite Beginner's Guide Tips and tricks that will lead you to victory
Fortnite Beginner's Guide: Tips and tricks that will lead you to victory

Everyone is talking about Fortnite : Battle Royale and you want to try it out now? Learn in our beginner guide with tips and tricks, how you do not end directly as cannon fodder!

Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode (PC / Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android) is now considered one of the largest games in the world. Despite the simple gameplay principle, Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode allows for many tactical tricks that we will introduce to you in this article.

Fortnite: Download Battle Royale

How do I get to Fortnite? The mode is completely free, you suck the game from the respective store (PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One) or load it directly from the Epic Launcher (the game does not exist on Steam) on the PC or Mac.

Also for Android devices and in Apple’s App Store you can now download the game for free.

fortnite battle royale

That’s the goal of Fortnite: Battle Royale: Once you’re in the game, you can start right away . Matchmaking for 100 players is short due to the gigantic player base, lobbies are quickly found.

In addition to the solo mode for one player, you can also enter into duo mode in duo mode or directly participate as a 4-man squad.

Your goal is to survive the individual rounds for as long as possible in order to emerge victorious from the matches at the end.

Beginner’s tips for Fortnite: Battle Royale

You are new to Fortnite and have just learned the controls? The following beginner tips will help you get started. The second part deals with tips and tricks for advanced players who want to increase their odds or win rate.

Do not give a damn about you!

Fortnite has no radar. So you are completely dependent on your hearing. However, that also applies to your opponents. Therefore, reduce your noise level to a minimum.

If an opponent hears you, he has an advantage in combat – even if you are armed to the teeth.

fortnite ninja

Sprint therefore as little as possible – walking or crouching running cause significantly less noise.

Always watch out for your surroundings before building anything or collecting resources with your pickaxe.

Note: Other players may also hear you when you change your weapon.

Use headphones!

To increase the chances of winning out of a fight, you should definitely play with headphones. Every second you can hear your enemy earlier is an immense advantage.

fortnite battle royale bus

Loudspeakers or TVs are not well suited in this regard. If you own a passable headset, you can hear the sounds much better and locate them much more precisely with surround sound.

Be paranoid!

Why should you always be on guard? Be careful, all the time! Do not rest anywhere, anytime an opponent could surprise you and invite you for a romantic dinner with his pumpgun.


You hear a noise? Just wait. If you become complacent and careless, you will end up back in the lobby faster than you would like. Also the search for strategically favorable points on the map wants to be considered well.

fortnite battle royale tips

You have found a point from which you have a lot of overview to shoot up opposing players? Always remember that not only did you come up with this glorious idea. If you are unlucky, you are already expected there.

Always keep an eye on the safe zone!

Why should you always take a look at the map? You should visit the map regularly to get an overview of the safe zone, which is displayed as a circle on the map.

Anyone who stays outside this ring after the passage of time suffers continuous damage from a storm.

This mechanic forces players to keep moving. The section of the map, which is safe from the storm, is getting smaller and forcing the players into duels to finish the rounds inevitably.

fortnite map

Align all your strategies according to the location of the safe zone. Happiness and bad luck go hand in hand here. The eye of the storm is far away? Then set off immediately! Not infrequently, other players will run into each other when they flee to the front.

You can not defeat enemies without running the risk of being caught by the storm? Ignore them and walk past the safe distance. Do not engage in a lengthy battle. You have nothing to do with a victory when the storm finally overtakes you and gives you the rest.

Use Shield Potions immediately!

If you stumble over one of the coveted blue potions, you will consume them immediately! Because the potions give you a shield of 50 points – and that over the entire duration of the match. But as the potions only grant a bonus to your shield, you are not immune to a few types of damage:

Fall damage will always attack your life directly,
Even the storm nibbles directly on your lifebelt.
You can take up to two of these potions to get a 100-point shield bonus.


Attacks only with a realistic chance to win!

Why should you think carefully about each fight? Unlike most multiplayer games, Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is primarily about survival, not killing enemies.

Always remember: you can kill 98 enemies and still lose the round.

Concentrate on surviving! Who goes off like the ax in the forest on opposing opponents, will make noise. This noise can attract more players who can bring you rudely back to the lobby.


Fortnite Fortnite rewards even risky game: A successfully defeated opponent leaves all items from his inventory, which can bring you an advantage at the end of the round. If you want to know what weapons you should collect from fallen enemies, check out our guide with the best weapons in Fortnite: Battle Royale !

Do not collect the loot of fallen enemies immediately!

That’s why you should not be greedy for prey: You have defeated an opponent and a true loot explosion was the result? Suppresses the impulse to go there immediately and to examine the prey. Gun battles make noise and can attract players nearby.

It is therefore unlikely that your little tête-à-tête went unnoticed. Any player looking at the loot of fallen enemies is vulnerable at this moment. Your attention is clouded, and you are an easy goal to conquer.

fortnite battle royale 2

Wait, therefore, after each fight, first of all, whether other players are lured. This gives you the opportunity to shoot greedy comrades who want to get over your prey.

Every cover is destructible – have a plan B!

Pretty much everything in Fortnite can be destroyed. Be it a pickaxe or a brute force. You should always keep this in mind when looking for a safe place to eat.

Scan your surroundings for easy ways out and escape if you are surprised by an opponent who is targeting your cover.

If you have found a rocket or grenade launcher, you can also turn the tables. These weapons are perfect for luring opponents out of their hiding places and fumigating enemy structures in addition to the normal grenades.

Use the construction function!

Why should you build in Fortnite? You have the ability to build walls and stairs to protect you from enemy fire. You should always do this as soon as someone fires at you.

fortnite building

Building is the nuts and bolts of Fortnite and the unique selling point in the Battle Royale genre. Who dominates the construction mode, has a gigantic advantage. If you want to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of Baumodus, you can take a look at our big construction guide with all sorts of tips and tricks .

You can do that with the resources: In addition, you should pay attention during the game to increase your resources. There are three of them: wood, stone and metal . While metal is more robust than wood, the cheapest resource offers the best initial protection after placement. In case of enemy fire you should always use wood as cover.

If you find traps, take them with you! In the endgame you can save them in their own buildings the backside.

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