Fortnite: Battle Royale tips for advanced players

Fortnite Battle Royale tips for advanced players
Fortnite Battle Royale tips for advanced players

You know the basics and know how the construction mode works? Anyone who creates it regularly in the endgame, but there is overwhelmed, can be reassured. For you, we have some other interesting information in store that will help you to finally achieve the desired epic victory!

So you gain ambushes with the construction mode!

You are late and want to get into the eye of the storm in time? Especially under haste and stress, it can happen that one becomes careless and focused only on the target (the safe area).

Not infrequently you will be flanked or pursued by your opponents. To avoid being shot over, you should immediately start bombing under cover. Switch to the Build mode and build up to four walls around you with a 360 degree spin.

However, digging in completely only makes sense if you can not locate the shots. If you know exactly which direction you want to go to leather, a wall is enough. This opens up opportunities for retreat.

fortnite battle royale tricks

The perfect practice site for your building skills is the playground ! Experienced players manage within a few seconds to create a wall between themselves and the opponent.

If you were only shot at, but not hit, you will know in this way where the bullets came from (the corresponding piece of wall will be hit). However, this is only the first step to victory

fortnite screen 3

Because within your four walls you can not see the opponent and therefore not attack. Immediately build a staircase in the direction from which the shelling comes. In this way, you can survey the area and spy on your enemy.

Ideally, you now have a height advantage over your opponent, which in most cases increases your chances of winning enormously. If the enemy stays in place, shoot him with your assault rifle.

fortnite PvP

If the enemy is nimble and tries to reach your dwelling with a similarly placed staircase, run towards him and press him a shot with the shotgun.

If you have internalized the process of attacking, you increase your chances immensely to come out victorious from a battle. Once the walls and stairs have been completed, dwellings made of metal and stone offer much more protection than wood.

Learn the coordination between build mode and inventory!

Why is switching between tree mode and weapons so important? Fighting in Fortnite: Battle Royals are hectic. The coordination between build mode and weapons inventory can often be overwhelming. Not infrequently you want to build a wall under fire, but have not selected the appropriate resource for which units are available.

Also, switching to the weapon menu can result in having the wrong weapon or even a healing item equipped, and is therefore defenseless for a brief moment.

fortnite pvp 1

To keep track of the hustle and bustle, internalizes the following points:

1.Remember the order of your weapons inventory. If you want to build cover or surprise your opponent with a well-placed staircase, first select the weapon you want to attack with. A subsequent change of arms costs time.

2.Before you get on your way, prepare the construction resource that will allow you to build cover in the event of an attack. This saves time and frustration.

3.Sort your weapon inventory so you can easily switch between two weapons. Anyone who still keeps bandages and shield potions between the shotgun and the assault rifle will have a hard time deploying the weapons cleverly in an emergency.

The right coordination between building and shooting as well as the change between components and weapons is one of the king’s disciplines in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Only those who have an overview of their complete inventory and their resources will gain the decisive advantage in combat.

Weapons win fights, buildings games

In the endgame self-made fortresses are a guarantee of victory, if you do it skillfully. After the available map has shrunk for the second or third time, you should start building structures on the edge of the safe zone.

You should place them so that you can place stairs in two directions. How many floors you need depends on how high your starting point is. Basically, your building should always be located as high as possible.



Patrol within your fortress now

1.To spot running enemies and turn them off
2.Kill attacking enemies before they reach your fortress
3.Localize enemy fortresses

Many players are reluctant to build a structure because they feel exposed (the enemy finally knows where you are). In the rarest cases, however, other players attack enemy structures (because they have rocket launchers or grenades). As a rule, however, you have an advantage with your raised position.


Enemies who bombard your dwelling with rockets are a nuisance. But keep in mind that the rockets can not harm you as long as there is a wall between you and the rocket.

In case of doubt, you can leave your dwelling in an unobservable location, and surprise the enemy (who keeps happily raining down missiles on your dwelling). This works by placing a door on the side away from the opponent.

Also, you can install a jump pad out of your dwelling, which can quickly bring you to safety or into the backs of enemies – a great tool for surprise attacks, as the following video shows:

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